Real Estate CFO is chosen by land developers and property owners, large and small, because it attacks and improves the components directly responsible for delivering the most vital aspect of your investment—Your cash.

Your cash is your lifeline, your oxygen, your heart and lungs, and every other metaphor for an absolute necessity.  Positive cash flow is a very good thing—Positive cash flow is money in, not money out, so it engenders patience, leading to good decisions, rather than choices impacted by financial distress and/or emotionalism.

Real Estate CFO improves your cash, within the parameters of your unique situation—your property, the market, and its financial structure. Given current circumstances and our analysis of where your property may be going, we strive to maximize your cash, both immediate and long-term.

Real Estate CFO does not operate on the fringes, nibbling away with less-expensive-copier-toner solutions.  We look for big, bold, sustainable improvements, based upon the essentials of better physical plant/operations and competitive advantage (which are both cause and effect), coupled with resultant fundamentally superior financial structures.  Because we combine our efforts on the property itself, its operations, and its financial structure, we call these synergistic efforts Capital Value Engineering.

Real Estate CFO offers its services to you at a compelling value. Since knowing the right land or properties to buy (and which to avoid/divest), how to create highest value, and when to sell are the only determinants to your success, can you afford not to call Real Estate CFO?  On existing properties, our prices are most reasonable on an absolute basis (actual dollars), and our prices are fractional compared to the ensuing profits made (or losses avoided).  On new projects and raw land, we are most flexible, willing to work with you to maximize your outcomes, while minimizing immediate outlays.

Certainly, the wise man realizes there is often nothing as expensive as free advice, while the fool knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing. We work on million dollar deals, we work on billion dollar deals.  Contact us, to see how we may serve as your Real Estate CFO.

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